Monday, October 1, 2012

Lacoste Bags 2013

Retro style silhouettes meet the modern vibe of color blocks and a bright and bold chromatic spectrum. Contrasts played an essential role during the fashion show in order to suggest the fashion force status of this brand that managed to provide fashionistas from past decades and the present with up-to-date style creations. The designer behind this amazing fashion show claimed that the most important factor he concentrated on was actually comfort.

These satchels and spacious handbags all serve as the perfect details to complement our utilitarian chic or urban sportswear apparels with. Geometric silhouettes along with minimalist accents create a retro aura to the complete accessory collection. There are no bold and innovative print designs or twists in the structure of these chic bags, instead, the greatest advantage of these style staples is their practical quality. Add vitality to your signature looks by piling up on these chic shopping bags and totes tinted in tangerine, fiery red, navy or neutral shades. The modern Lacoste girl purchases similar accessories to have all her beauty and style must haves at hand.